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We offer you to take an internship or immediately take vacant position to build a career with us. 
If you are interested in working and development in the sports industry, fill in and send the request!







Work with a video camera during the broadcast, help with equipment before and after broadcast.

Employee requirements
Ability to think and act quickly; 
A team player; 
Attention to detail; 
Physical strength to carry heavy equipment and stamina;
Ability to understand football and follow camera scripts

Training courses before you start working,
as well real life training sessions with our crew members


Work at the computer (+settings, vmix), manage cameramen, choose what to show on the screen. Responsible for technical equipment and set-up.

Employee requirements
Understanding of the production process: familiarity with
camera operation, sound systems;
Experience with digital technology, broadcast or software packages (VMix, OBS);
Ability to lead and motivate;
Creativity and imagination;
Excellent organizational and planning skills

Pre-employment testing
A test on the main points from the manual sent a day before. An offline training.


Do stats and display graphics on the screen.

Employee requirements
Ability to think and act quickly;
Attention to detail;
Knowledge of football rules;
Ability to follow scripts;
Communication skills

Pre-employment testing
A test on the main points from the manual sent a day before.


Create videos (highlights, promo), work with animation (AE), creativity and understanding of sport events.

Pre-employment testing
Create a video from given content.


Comment on football matches.
Research, prepare and analyze information and stats about upcoming matches (league, clubs, coaches and players).
Prepare the workspace.

Employee requirements
High level of knowledge and understanding of the rules of the football;
High level of speaking, researching, communication;
Familiarity with editing software, broadcast equipment and communications systems.

Pre-employment testing
Offline commenting of one half.


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